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Trash Talk

Make a Difference Today

Environment Pollution
Plastpåse i Ocean
förorenad Stream
Image by Tyler Nix
Volontärer samlar skräp på stranden
Skräp på stranden
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About Us

For a cleaner future

We here at Trash Talk wants to open the eyes of the people. We want you to see the trash around us, to react and make a difference. Every person can make a difference and together we are capable of greatness. The trash is left by us and therefore it can be taken care of by us as well. Join us in making trash talk worthwhile.

Image by Hermes Rivera
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This is How We will Succeed

Meaningful work. Priceless gratefulness.

See It

Helping out has never been easier. Whether it is whilst you are out walking the dog, out for a quick shop or just enjoying the lovely weather. Whatever the occasion is, we can guarantee you that you will at one point spot some trash. That is step 1 done!

Snap it

Next step is just as easy so do not worry.  When you have stumbled upon the trash, just take a photo of it, get your geographical location and send us your photo. Quick and easy!

Win It

Now comes the fun part. After sending in your photo, you automatically become a contender in our competition where you can win fine prizes. So what are you waiting for? Hurry up and get started!

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There is no Planet B

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Upcoming Events

  • Flea Market
    Yet to have been decided
    Yet to have been decided
    -, -
    Your trash might be someone else´s treasure, do not let anything go to waste!
  • Competition
    Yet to have been decided
    Yet to have been decided
    -, -
    Enter our competition in order to win our special prizes
  • Earth Pick
    Yet to have been decided
    Yet to have been decided
    -, -
    Our version of "Earth Hour", spend 1 hour picking up all the trash that you come in contact with.
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Contact Trash Talk

Get in touch with us at Trash Talk in order to find out more about our work and how we work. How you can engage and help. If you have any questions or suggestions, do not hesitate.

Thank you!

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